Polishing Peel: Professional Microdermabrasion in a Bottle

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Achieving that celebrity glow takes REAL effort. With a dozen options including chemical peels, diamond peel, glycolic peel, microneedling, laser resurfacing, and much more, having that natural-looking glow is super achievable. But not only does it take real effort to achieve, maintaining it takes a serious amount of money too, with each treatment priced between $100 to $2,200. A strong threshold for pain is also required for some of them.

Well, for most of us who aren’t fans of painful treatments, there’s a convenient solution. And an affordable one at that.

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Introducing, the Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher. This product resurfaces and polishes skin to immediately deliver fresh, glowing complexion benefits that are clinically proven to be equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion treatment. All you need to do is apply evenly on the face, let it sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute, gently rub off, and rinse! ZERO pain.

Watch the demo below:

Aaahh, that satisfying feeling of seeing dead skin get taken away.

Polishing Peel features pumpkin enzymes to resurface, soften, and polish the skin and bentonite clay to remove dull skin cells and toxins. All that makes it a safer alternative to chemical peels. And with a price tag under $40, it makes for a convenient alternative too.

Treat yourself to a lush professional microdermabrasion from home and bid those blemishes, stubborn spots, and rough or uneven skin goodbye.

Enjoy these actual result photos:

Dead skin instantly comes off.

Dead skin instantly comes off.

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For best results, use three times the first week and twice a week thereafter to maintain a polished appearance.

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Cheers to choosing better!