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Sixteen started being an entrepreneur at the age of 20, focusing on global online retail and social entrepreneurship. Having been trained in and exposed to alternative and holistic health care, she has grown passionate about wellness, fitness, health, anti-aging and beauty. Her passion led her to the creation of the NuGirls platform with the purpose of teaching millennials how to manage their own small businesses 100% online. Currently, she manages teams of online entrepreneurs in the Philippines, Australia, Spain, and the USA, bringing world-class wellness and personal care products all over the world. She is constantly expanding her global team while teaching the basics of online business, enabling people to work from home. As a social entrepreneur, Sixteen also spends a lot of her time rehabilitating malnourished children all over Manila through regular feeding programs. Through the Nourish the Children initiative, she has helped feed over 400 million meals in Malawi, Fiji, China, and the Philippines. A great lover of music, arts, and different cuisines, Sixteen spends whatever free time she has on discovering new restaurants, listening to music, watching musicals, and visiting cultural events.

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