The Winning Qualities of a Leader in a Digital World

Just 5 days ago, some leaders in our team attended a leadership camp and we all met each other for the first time. It was quite exciting, really... being able to talk face to face and not just see each other as thumbnails in a group chat.

Some NuGirl participants at the Star Camp, Edsa Shangri-La. March 2 2018.

Some NuGirl participants at the Star Camp, Edsa Shangri-La. March 2 2018.

There was a lot of practical knowledge taught about social media, as well as dozens of stories that inspired us and brought us tears. But the most value that we got wasn't what we heard on stage. Over lunch and late night drinks, we had the chance to bond and dive deep into each other's minds and work habits. The realizations that came about were eye-opening. But first, an insight as to why it mattered to learn from NuGirl leaders.

As of February 2018, our young team went over 31,000 brand affiliates. Within a month, 3 of our brand representatives hit their leveraged income goals - all social media-driven. We bring in an average of about 2500-3000 new affiliates each month. These are milestones that are being achieved on a timeline that is practical to them. It really tells you that there's gotta be a formula to this. There's gotta be a common type of mindset, skill set, or work ethic that allow this team to thrive. And that theory ended up being accurate.

In any situation where you have a team of independent minds, different personalities will shine through. So how do you get them to work together?

We learned that for as long as people have common mindset and values, there is absolutely no reason for them not to be able to work together towards a shared goal. Here are some that dominated:


Focus as an online entrepreneur can mean different things.

First, it means being present in your business regardless of how much time you put in. Some will put in 2-3 hours in their business alongside an 8-10 hour job while taking care of a family. Some can put in 6-8 hours in this business. While others, maybe more. Focus doesn't always mean you live and breathe your business -  a balance between business, family, and health still has to be there. But focus has to mean that when you put in the hours, make the hours count. Be present when you are working. Only got 2 hours? No problem. Take 30 minutes to send messages to new prospects. 15 minutes to post across your social media platforms. Take another 15-20 minutes to plan for a live broadcast. Then take the rest of the hour doing follow-ups and training your team. There is so much you can do if you make the hours count.

Second, focus means that you take your business seriously with no distractions. This is one of the common questions we get a lot: "How can you get work done with all the noise that's going on all over social media?". It is a legitimate issue. Social media is a noisy place. But focus also means discipline. Meaning, you have to stick to doing the things that contribute to your business first and leave the fun stuff for later. Pro tip: Make a to-do list. Write down the biggest things you need to get done to get some sales volumes in, expand your network, and put out valuable content. Check the item off the list when you're done and absolutely do not watch those cute puppy videos until you've cleared the list!

Third, it could actually mean you live and breathe your business. And this is the most committed type of focus there is. Some people have the freedom to put in 18 hours a day on their business while making each hour count and that's when you see that person take off. A lot of the NuGirl leaders have let go of other side-gigs and have quit their jobs to pursue a bigger ambition. And their sacrifices were not made in vain. They have created improved lives and leveraged incomes for their entire families. Focus. Whether it is simply making every minute count or actually making your business your lifestyle, the results are always worth it.



If you're gonna be an entrepreneur in an age where people can force their opinions in your comments section, then you'll need thick skin. This is something you must learn to deal with every once in a while. (Don't you just hate keyboard warriors?) Sometimes, it's not even that. Sometimes it's the coldness of a prospect leaving your message on 'Seen'. Get enough of that and it will turn even the most excited entrepreneur into a frustrated one. But here's what you have to realize. Scaling your business on social media is about #1, bringing value, and #2, numbers.

Bring value by focusing on being a good content creator - do that by being genuine, by talking about what matters to your friends and audience, and by engaging regularly. Forget about how many followers you have and focus on being someone people want to listen to.

Also remember that when you engage and start sending messages out cold, it's all a numbers game. Any form of rejection such as being put in 'seenzone' doesn't have to be something that breaks you down emotionally. It could be considered experience or research. Data that you can use for knowing what approach works and doesn't work. Don't take rejections personally because sometimes it's all about the other person's timing. It could also be about your approach, but good news, there is unlimited opportunity to experiment and tweak it. Have fun with this. At the same time, don't just take every small success at face value. Learn how you achieved them, teach that approach, and refine it if you need to.

Put your message out there. Some people will get it, some people won't. What should be relevant to you are the people who do. No time to dwell on the fact that others didn't. Move on and move on quick.



When you are trying to dominate in a world as fast-paced as social media, your growth game has to be strong. Trending content gets replaced after a day. Not to mention algorithms change all the time. What you thought you knew about Facebook in Dec 2017 may not be relevant information today. In fact, it most probably isn't since they announced a change in algorithm in mid-January 2018. Instagram is currently prioritizing posts that accumulate the most engagement within the first 10 minutes of posting instead of putting them in chronological order, which is something we all have gotten used to. These changes are why we shouldn't stop learning. Stay on top of these changes and learn how you can be an effective entrepreneur who adapts. Knowledge is knowledge, no matter where or who it comes from. Learn from EVERYONE who is doing well with what you're trying to figure out. Go out of your way to get insights from your audience. Talk to them, ask questions, get trained. Stay sharp.



Then again, knowledge is nothing if you don't execute on it. And when you execute, there is no way to go but up. It is almost too predictable - anyone who gets promoted within the team will automatically send a question out to either an account manager or their mentors, "What's next after this? How do I get to the next milestone?" It is such a leader-type question to ask. One may look at it like these people are never satisfied, and maybe there's some truth to that, but it reflects more on their awareness of what they are capable of. When you know you can work harder, do more, and help more, why wouldn't you? In an age where you can inspire thousands with a click of a button (and do it for FREE, at that), it's exactly what you should do.


A bonus takeaway from this whole event was the realization that we stepped into this online business world already having the foundation to build on these qualities. We started Day 1 with the right attitude. And that teaches you that when you choose people to work with, work with those who already have their game face on... people who meet you halfway with the effort to be better. Otherwise, you're gonna keep holding people's hands all the time and that wouldn't be the most productive way to spend your time. The process of business refines you and makes you better, of course. Getting to a place of leadership still has to be earned. But always keep an eye out for defining qualities in a person. And when you find them, help these people win.