When the Hustle Leads You to Love

Sometimes, you go through the flow of life just doing your best to live each day to the fullest. You pray for the best, but then life, in all its beauty and majesty, gives you something much much better. Such is the story of our dearest NuGirl Jam and her fiancé Alan. We are so happy to celebrate their love story in time for Valentine’s Day.

How I Met the Love of My Life

I'm Jam and I have been a NuGirl since October 2016. I became a Brand Representative in May 2017 with the big help of my sponsor, Mary Clare and mentor Sixteen. I was slowly building my own empire while training new people I had met online. At the same time, I was getting my friends involved in the business too. One of my friends who was a stay-at-home mom was looking for a part-time job that would enable her to earn while taking care of her 2 kids. So, I taught her how to be a NuGirl. I simply asked her if she can post some products for me, and she did. One fateful day, a customer outside her network commented on a Nutriol Shampoo post, asking how he can order the product. His name is Alan Polk.

NuGirl Jam Olra Joyce Yangco and Alan Polk

In behalf of my friend who was still a newbie in the business, I had to help her out with processing Alan’s orders. It all started with a simple greeting message over Facebook messenger. And then I proceeded to offer some help while getting a back-up support from my mentors. It was sometime in April 2017 when we were finally able to complete the transaction and he was very happy about it. As a happy customer, he told me he will try to browse and check more products on my Facebook profile. I consistently posted about products I love, so it made sense that he would do that. Eventually, he stumbled upon one photo of mine. He asked if that was me and I said yes. This is when we started to chat as friends. I was very happy.

We got along so well and talked about the business once in a while, but had more things to say as friends. We talked about everything under the sun, day and night. We prayed and read bible verses together too. It was during this time that I knew that he was the man I´ve been praying for.

The courtship happened through Facebook Messenger because I´m in the Philippines and he is in the US and we became official couple in Sept, 2017.

He visited my beloved country in January 2018 and we got to spend sometime together. He proposed on the 20th of January at Whitesand Bar Beach in my hometown in Dumaguete. I said “yes” in front of my family and friends. Watch the video below to see how the proposal happened:

Now he is back home and we are already planning the wedding. It will be in Mississippi, where I will go to live with him.

That’s my happy story! Things happen for a reason. There was a reason why selling has been my true passion. It was through this that I’ve met the love of my life. What a great bonus to receive two loves at the same time. I am very grateful to everyone who supported us from the start, but most of all, I am grateful to NuGirls – the opportunity that led me to meeting the man of my dreams.